Hi all,

I am always humbled and flattered when someone is shocked to know that not only am I a mother of two but a grandmother as well. People have asked me how I stay so young. Good genes definitely help, but you have to work those genes to your advantage. Going to live events such as concerts and spending a lot of quality time with family and friends helps to get off the couch and do stuff.

Oh, and STAY OUT OF THE SUN for prolonged periods of time! The most profound formula I have witnessed with my clients and seen in my own results is weight training combined with cardio,and mindful nutrition. This is a winner, hands down. It’s truly amazing. As we age we experience: slow down of metabolism, loss of bone density, loss of endurance and stamina, and an increase in fat, just to name a few. Weight training speeds up metabolism, increases bone density, increases stamina, and decreases fat.

Tip: If you drink alcohol seven days a week, reduce it to three. Alternatively, if your jam is sweets each day,cut that intake in half.  For example, if you eat cookies everyday, eat them only three days.

Do it, stick with it, if you change nothing else, there will be a positive difference.