To my awesome fitness friends,

Happy Fall to you all. This time of year is one of my favorites with the beautiful turning of the leaves and the crisp cool sunny days. However, here in California, these Autumn days have been warm and sunny. We could certainly use some rain. With it so dry here, we can take advantage of the nice weather by exercising outdoors. A brisk walk, a smooth run, a swim, whatever suits you. It’s a wonderful way to change it up and get some vitamin D while you are at it.

I want to remind you that NOW, more than most times, is a time to engage in healthy habits. Please do not depend on willpower or motivation to keep up your day to day consistency of working out. Stay away from temptation and make sure you have a plan in place when it comes to eating healthy and exercising.

Some days or should I say many days are faced with a lack of motivation to get up out of bed and break a decent sweat for 45 minutes to an hour. DO IT ANYWAY. You will be soooooooo proud of yourself that you did it and feel great. The holidays are here (and if you don’t believe me see your local Home Goods store or Starbucks) and this is the time to be mindful by keeping or forming good daily habits, whether you are motivated or not. You are worth it in every way!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Stay happy and healthy