Hello Fitness Enthusiasts,

‘Falling off the wagon’ is a term that commonly refers to a habitual user of alcohol, or one who has not been successful in turning their bad habit into a good habit. We have probably all fallen off some sort of wagon in our lifetimes.

The fitness wagon is one in which we should stay on as much as possible. I know sometimes it’s so hard to stay consistent with our workouts. Life can certainly get in the way; not enough time, you have an injury, you’re too depressed, unmotivated, etc. These may seem like good excuses not to exercise, but all you are doing is a disservice to yourself. You are robbing yourself of the incredible benefits that exercise has to offer. The mental benefits alone are worth the small amount of time it would take you. A solid write up in the Huffington Post “13 Mental Health Benefits Of Exercise” by Sophia Breene discusses this more.

If you feel overwhelmed with the idea of getting back in an exercise routine, you are so not alone. I’ve trained many clients who have experienced this feeling and it can be quite intimidating. Dig deep, soul search, and remember the amazing reasons why you should start up again.  Start slowly. Walk, don’t run. Start light and ease into the intensity. Get back on that wagon! Your health and wellness are worth it.