No matter how I feel when I wake up, I get myself dressed and head to the gym or outside for a run. I don’t think about it, I just do it. That mentality and discipline helps to keep me consistent with my workouts, even if I only workout 20 minutes at a time.

Please get up each day knowing you will be good to your mind and body with some physical activity. It will truly make a positive impact on your daily lives.

If you want to do a workout at home in a short period of time, here is one that will keep your heart rate up, activate your muscles and burn lots of calories. Doing this circuit is another great way to rev up your metabolism for the day. If morning time does not work for you, choose a dedicated time of day that you will set aside to do your exercises.


Here it is:

  • Warm up- Jog or fast walk for 2 minutes
  • Jumping jacks or half jacks 30x
  • Push-ups 15-20x
  • Mtn. climbers 40xs (each leg is a rep)
  • Alternate lunge backs 30xs (each leg is a rep)
  • Jump squats or fast squats 20xs
  • Triceps dips on a curb 20x
  • Leap side to side or step touch 30xs
  • Alternate side lunges 30xs (each leg is a rep)
  • Side shuffles 16 one way, 16 the other-repeat
  • AB sit ups 25 reps

Repeat this whole circuit 1-3 more times.

Please check with your physician before starting any exercise program.