I use to make these muffins for my daughters when they were living at home. There were many variations of this recipe depending on what each of my daughters felt like eating.
Since those most cherished days, the recipe has morphed into one that my husband and I enjoy on a regular basis after our morning workouts.

Here it is:

1 whole wheat english muffin
1 egg or 3 egg whites
1 serving of laughing cow light cheese
1 1/2 pieces of nitrate free turkey bacon

Cook the bacon in a pan with a little spray on the bottom.
Crack an egg or mix 3 egg whites into a deep small bowl. Microwave for about 1 minute and 15 seconds(microwave times vary). Toast english muffin.
Spread the cheese on both halves of the muffin, put the cooked egg or egg whites on top of half the muffin,salt and pepper if you’d like, put the bacon on top of that, and complete by topping with the other half of muffin.
Enjoy this yummy sandwich:)