Hi awesome fitness enthusiasts, I am excited to share with you an update. In June I competed at the NPC Southern California Championships in the Figure Class. The journey to get there is not easy, even for someone who has stepped on the stage many times. For me, these shows go beyond just the result. First, in most cases my fellow competitors are as much as two-decades my junior. UGH! Second, while in competition prep mode, I abstained from my weekend wine and Mexican food which I enjoy so much. Every day I had to dig deep and envision the feeling of accomplishment that I would realize after the show. I felt accountable to my clients, my friends, my family and mostly, myself. The achievement of my goal was unequivocally worth it!   I am always striving to share my passion with you and challenge myself in motivating you to stick to a workout and nutrition plan yielding the results that you want.  I did. There is no question, which is usually obvious, in the resulting physical transformation. However, a mental transformation also occurs, just not necessarily visible from the outside. This can be life changing. It has been for many, as it has for me too.  Here are some photos from my most recent competition in San Diego. I competed in two classes at this show; Masters 35+ and 40+. I am thrilled to have placed 3rd in both classes after a two-year break from competing. I have my sights set on another competition later this year. I encourage you to join me in staying on track, at least 85% of the time Of course that 15% we need to have some yummy indulgences, right? We all do, we are human, and it is certainly within our scope to enjoy life and the blessings it has to offer.  Stay fit – Live life. Love, Jennifer