Hi fitness enthusiasts,
We are in the heart of summer and it sure is hot out here in California. So thankful for the rains and our four-year long drought being over. The sun and summer days can be a motivator for many to get outdoors and exercise. Whether it’s run, bike, swim, hike or grabbing a buddy and going for a fast walk. I hope that you are all prioritizing time for cardio, resistance training and healthy eating. If you are putting in the effort four to six times a week, you will be part of the population that may avoid chronic diseases and untimely health events such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, heart attack, stroke, and several types of cancer.
Studies show that 70% of diseases effect those who maintain poor lifestyle habits. Those include: smoking, overuse of alcohol, drugs, poor diet, stress and lack of physical activity. What this means is many of us, which fall into this category, can improve our lifestyles and in some cases dramatically. A good place to start is an exercise program. Next, make healthier choices in diet and nutrition. An excellent book that my physician recommends is:
I encourage you to give it a read. Simply put, the author explains methods for how we can slow down or even halt ‘decay’ and in turn, stimulate growth within, keeping us physiologically ‘younger.’
Enjoy and well wishes for a healthy and fun July 🙂
Love, Jennifer

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